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From the left, Anna, Thomas, Enrico, Enrico J.R, and Hannah Core


Thomas Core was bartender of the year in, 1987. He loved his customers so much, he served their drink of choice until days before he passed, on February 8th, 2015.


Kevin Core has been working at Cores Tavern for over 30 years now. He is the proud owner of the legacy his grandfather built 80 years ago.


Core's Tavern was established in 1936, by Enrico Core. Enrico built a legacy 80 years ago in the heart of Bloomfield, NJ. In the events of 1929, Enrico received parts of the back bar at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at Fifth Avenue and 33rd street in New York City, when the hotel closed down from the unfortunate events of the Great Depression. During the horrific times of the Great Depression and prohibition, Enrico felt in his heart that one day the events of banning alcohol would be over, and he would build his own bar after the ending of these horrible circumstances that affected the American Dream. After the ban on the importation and transportation of alcoholic beverages in 1933, Enrico built his dream bar by October of 1936 at Franklin Avenue and Watsessing Avenue. Since then, Cores Tavern became a land mark of memories. When Enrico was ready to give the bar to his sons, Thomas and Enrico J.R, the two brothers built even more of a legacy than ever before. Thomas Core was named bartender of the year in 1987, and left people in awe with his beautiful personality and his wonderful establishment. He created Cores Tavern with warmth and friendliness; the character that left people wanting to always come back and have a drink. Thomas Core tended bar for over 65 years until the day he passed on February 08, 2015. He loved this bar and loved his customers with all of his heart. Now, we have a legacy built by the core family. From the beautiful structure to the memories of the beautiful times that flow in the tavern. Now Toms' son, Kevin Core, is here to make the tavern share even  more memories for years to come. 

Cores Tavern is not just a cookie cutter free standing building or just any storefront bar. We have a " Cheers", like atmosphere where everyone is family. 80 years and more to come; have a drink and become a part of the history!
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